The "Jornadas de Álgebra No Conmutativa" (previously called "Jornadas de Teoría de Anillos") have been celebrating since 1999. One of their objectives is to draw together researchers with common interests to our network, i.e. the "Red de Álgebra No Conmutativa", to share and exchange their ideas. More precisely, our main purpose is to bring our latest results to young researchers working in related matters.

In this occasion, the organization of this meeting carries out to the node of Málaga. We are also interested in promoting contact and collaboration between members of the network and mathematicians from Europe, America and Africa. One of our main goal is to strengthen the work of young researchers, and therefore we encourage young researchers to participate in this meeting.
In order to develop future collaborations, we invite you to propose open problems which will be presented the last day of the meeting.

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Developed by: María Guadalupe Corrales García (University of Panama),  Juana Sánchez Ortega(University of Malaga),  Mercedes Siles Molina (University of Malaga) and José Félix Solanilla Hernández (University of Panama)